VistaFolia by VistaGreen - Artificial Living Wall Panels Designed for Beauty, Built to Last

Why VistaFolia is the Best Faux Green Wall Panel System Available 

VistaFolia was designed and engineered by a horticulturist. It's the first and only green wall system created to actually replicate natural plants and planting paterns into a system so that every single wall is truly a one-of-a-kind green wall and not simply tieing random fake plants to a panel to slap some green on the wall.

What makes VistaFolia the only choice for a true replica green wall

  • 72 plants made up of 16 personally designed plant species are tied to a heavy duty, coated steel grid in a patent-pending arrangement to create a natural grow, repetition free wall look.
  • UV & Fire prohibiting additives are included in the special polyethelene formula used to create the plant species with testing to prove their effectiveness.
  • The ability to customize each wall with a mix of finsihing foliage colors of your choice or change out colors throughout the year for the ultimate personalization of your wall.

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UpScapers vertical greening works exclusively with VistaFolia, London, to provide the highest quality artificial green walls to clients and resellers throughout the United States, Canada & Mexico. With more than 10 years of replica landscape experience, UpScapers provides hands-on certified installation training to VistaFolia Authorized Resellers in the U.S. for a quality installation you can trust. Rest assured when you're working with UpScapers you are directly connected to the creator and manufacturer of the world's most tested and trusted choice in artificial green walls.